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USB Plasma Ball: Desktop Light Show

USB Plasma Ball

The popular plasma ball is now making a PC appearance. Simply plug this small phenomenon into your computer’s USB port and watch in amazement as the electricity follows your finger tips while they graze across its surface.

The 3″ glass ball is compact enough to fit on any desk and offers a fun light show….and distraction from whatever spreadsheet or PowerPoint you’ve been working on. Works and looks just as good as bigger models for far less money and no batteries to replace!

USB Plasma Ball

Product Features

  • Light up your room or just decorate your computer desk
  • Create a unique and fun environment for your workstation
  • USB powered sphere with colored flashing lights
  • When you touch the ball, the red lights turn to blue and start to gravitate towards your fingertips
  • Base Color: Silver

How Much? $7.02



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