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USB Mushroom Lamp


Ever wonder what Mario would do if he couldn’t lay pipe or rescue princesses anymore? Would he get a desk job? His fingers are a little too fat for data entry, so maybe Mario could get an entry level job at a call center, where he can sit in an ultra-tiny cube and answer the phone, “It’s-a Mario! How canna I help you today?”

And clearly, should Mario be a cube dweller, he’d want to illuminate his workspace with these super cute Mushroom Lamps. The red lamp makes Mario sit a little taller and the green lamp gives him the energy needed to power through until the weekend. If you put them on your desk, they may do the same for you! Each lamp is powered through USB and the inner light is provided by magic… or two super bright white LEDs, believe what you will.

USB Mushroom Lamp

Product Features

  • Red & green mushroom lamps for your desk or nightstand
  • Inner light provided by magic (or 2 super bright white LEDs, believe what you will)
  • Press mushroom once to switch on, press again to switch off
  • Mushroom diameter: 13 cm (5.12″), base diameter: 10.8 cm (4.25″), height: 14 cm (5.5″)
  • Powered by USB

How Much? $9.99



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