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The Classics Staple-Free Stapler

The Classics Staple-Free Stapler

The Staple-Free Stapler from The Classics is easy and fun to use. The “Paper Grip” allows you to easily attach 2 to 5 sheets of paper without using a single staple. Smaller stapling jobs are the most common, and the durable Staple-Free Stapler “Paper Grip” is up to the task!

The Staple-Free Stapler “Paper Grip” is less wasteful and more economical, making it a great choice for the offices, homes and schools. Also, it’s safe and perfect for kid’s projects like making holiday cards and binding homemade books.

The Classics Staple-Free Stapler

Product Features

  • No Staples, No Clips
  • Attaches 2 to 5 sheets of paper
  • Great for home, school, and office
  • Safe for kid’s projects
  • Eco-friendly and Economical!

How Much? $6.09



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