$101 - $200, Light & Sound

Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium

Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium

The Star Theater Pro is a sleek, portable projector that projects an exciting map of the night sky directly onto your ceiling or wall. This optical star projection system comes with two discs, a Starfield disc and an Earth/Moon/Sun disc, that can be easily inserted into the spherical projector unit to give you a crystal-clear display of cosmic scenery.

Star Theater Pro is the optical projection system that allows you to explore distant galaxies from the comfort of your bed or provide stellar entertainment for friends and family.

Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium

Product Features

  • Projects starts, moon and planets
  • 3D glasses included
  • Features a focus dial
  • Displays up to 10,000 stars on walls and ceiling for the home
  • Planetarium sound track included

How Much? $130



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