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RC Space Messenger

RC Space Messenger

In Back to the Future II, when the Delorean busts into the future, we learn many thing. First, we learn that no matter how many dimensions you can fly in, traffic still sucks. Second, signs will float in midair. Really, if you think about it, floating signs and advertisements are all over sci-fi. Well, time to bring a little science fiction into your life as science fact, with the R/C Space Messenger.

The R/C Space Messenger hovers in midair thanks to it being a really tiny R/C ‘copter thing. As it hovers, the outside band rotates as well. 7 LEDs on the outside arms (2 blue for borders, 5 red for text) create words (which you program!) through persistence of vision. You can store 20 words into the IR handset (with LCD screen for easy inputting) and advance them at your whim or flow through them with the auto-advance function. Think of the money you’ll save in birthday balloons and ransom notes, when you can deliver your message with the R/C Space Messenger, and then just reprogram it for your next message? Who’s the greatest? Why, the person with “I’m number one” projected word by word over her or his head (aka: you)!RC Space Messenger In Action

Product Features

  • For Ages 14 and up.
  • Display customized messages (one word at a time) in lights – as the Space Messenger hovers in midair (you can control the height)!
  • IR controller has a keypad and LCD screen for easy word inputting.
  • Up to 20 words can be programmed (7 character limit for each).
  • Switch words manually, or scroll through them all with “auto” function.
  • Space Messenger has an internal Li-Polymer battery, which charges through the controller.
  • Indoor use only.
  • Charge Time: approx. 30 minutes (for 5-6 mins of flight time).
  • Batteries: 4 AA (not included).
  • Dimensions: approx. 4″ diameter x 3″ tall.

How Much? $39.99



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