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Living Colors Iris Table Lamp

Living Colors Iris Table Lamp

Create just the right ambient mood lighting in your home with the LivingColors Iris table lamp from Philips. This LED lamp provides 16 million different colors to choose from–from light pastels to bold shades–and delivers a light output of 210 lumens.

The LED gives off a warm glow with a gentle flicker–like a candle, but without the risk of an open flame or hot wax. The lamp’s modern design can complement any home interior. Included is a remote control to choose colors and operate the lamp.

Living Colors Iris Table Lamp

Product Features

  • 16 million colors to choose from
  • Light output of 210 lumens
  • Diffused light effect that blends naturally into interior
  • Automatic color-changing mode
  • Adjustable brightness and color intensity
  • Memory function to save up to two favorite colors for fast recall

How Much? $79.80



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