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Kikkerland Luchador Bottle Opener

Kikkerland Luchador Bottle Opener

Form, function and Mexican wrestling. Each Luchador Bottle Opener is a mini wrestler applying a famous lock hold to an opponent – in this case a bottle.

The collection features 3 Luchadores, applying 3 unique techniques to open your beverage.

Kikkerland Luchador Bottle Opener

Product Features

  • Bottle opener is mini wrestler applying a lock hold to your bottle
  • Designed by andres lhima as part of the mexico design challenge
  • Assorted red, blue and black colors and designs (color and design is random and is chosen at the time of shipping).
  • Made of stainless steel and ABS with a rubberized coating
  • Measures approximately 2-3/4 by 6-inch

How Much? $7.44



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