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Falling Bookend

Falling Bookend

Falling Books Bookend: Falling bookend supports the books at a surprising, not straight angle, which makes the whole thing stand out on the shelf and creates interest and humor. The unique angle will allow you to easily read the titles printed on the books’ spines.

The bookend is inserted in a concealed manner within the first book being supported; next to the binding of the book (a hard binding is desirable), so that interaction between the supported books and the figure on the base of the bookend is created (the books seem to fall on the figure coming out from the bookend’s base).

Falling Bookend

Product Features

  • The books seem to be falling on the figure In a standing out way.
  • Falling Bookend Creates interest and drama on the book shelf.
  • Made of metal, painted black. By Artori design.
  • Size: 18 X 12 cm, height: 11.5 cm. (approx:7.08 x 4.72 inch, height: 4.52 inch).
  • Weight: 300 gr. (660 Lbs approx.)

How Much? $14.25



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