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Can You Imagine Melting Clock

Can You Imagine Melting Clock

Can You Imagine having a clock that appears to be melting off the surface that you placed it on, only to find out that it’s an optical illusion? We did. Presenting the magical Melting Clock, a conversation piece that is both art and a precision timepiece.

Place the Melting Clock where a clock has never been placed before – at the end of a bookshelf or the end of a desk or any place you can think of. Time is not rigid. Time is fluid and the Melting Clock visually represents the fluidity of time. Is it a clock or is it art? You be the judge.

Can You Imagine Melting Clock

Product Features

  • Chrome plated case
  • Precision quartz movement
  • A conversation piece and a work of art

How Much? $11.88



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