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Block Notes Sticky Notes

Block Notes Sticky Notes

Pack of sticky notes shaped like blocks from the popular game. Reminders can be boring, that’s more or less a fact – and video games can be entertaining. All that needs to be done is to combine the two into an interactive memory pad that fuses a way to take notes and memos, with the thrills and spills of Tomb Raider 3.

OR (and more easily manufactured) produce a sticky note pad that can be arranged and added to until you’ve built up a kind of block shaped wall of color – if only there were a game with that objective. Of course there is, and since it’s over ten years old it can be legitimately classed as ‘retro’, which means it can automatically be classed as cool, which means we can feel justified in producing these cool, retro, block sticky notes.

Where is more apt to note down reminders than elements of old video games rendered in pale yellow paper – evoking memories from your youth while jogging your memory to buy some milk and/or call your nan.

Block Notes Sticky Notes

Product Features

  • Block game shaped sticky notes
  • Great for leaving small notes or marking pages
  • Each block is a different shape and color
  • 100 sheets per pad, 8 pads per pack
  • Measures 4 x 4.7 x 0.5-inches

How Much? $12.00



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